After a long break from music came Maskedman- 'The Illusion of Grandeur'. Recorded in various rooms in Ireland and finished with Daniel Birkeland in Havnelagret Studios, Bergen. With help from the great HP Gundersen, the legendary (Norwegian King's Medal recipient for Lifetime in Music!) Magne Lunde on drums, and the multi-talented Petter Folkedal.

"The singer and guitarist writes songs with strong heartbeats that flicker and surge in all the right places...Barrett’s tremor of a voice is satisfyingly rich all the way through...there are no illusions of grandeur here – just a solid, honest foundation for whatever comes next." THE IRISH TIMES.

" Indie drive and nerve under fine words...if Coldplay did 'Sellotape the Seams', it would be a full blown world hit.." BERGENAVISEN.

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